We believe we all have a role to play in preserving the environment and safeguarding it for future generations. As a home builder, we ensure that we are using environmentally friendly materials and incorporating building features into our homes that will help create safe, healthier lifestyles and reduce energy consumption.

Whether it’s lowering our environmental impact on the construction site, building in eco-friendly living features as DECO Green standards, or offering homebuyers more green choices in our Decor Studio, we are always looking for ways to make a positive impact in our communities and on the environment.


Building creates waste. At DECO Homes, we do our best to minimize the amount of landfill waste we generate by ensuring our company and the companies we do business with participate in a waste audited, reduction and recycling program. Through our waste separation practices, we ensure:

Leftover and cut wood is sorted and sent to a recycling plant, where it is repurposed into a variety of recycled wood products.

Leftover concrete and unusable bricks are sorted out of general landfill waste, to get crushed and reused as aggregate, and many other recycled uses.


We incorporate a number of environmentally friendly and energy efficient features into each home we build as the DECO Green standard. All of the DECO Green standard features are included in every home we build. Ask one of our DECO Home Care Team members for more information regarding these items in your home during your pre-delivery inspection (PDI). Our Home Care Team will be happy to explain how your green features work so you can use less energy in your home while living in total comfort. Some of your DECO Green features include:

Energy Star windows

Solar-panel-ready home

Low-flow shower heads

Low-flow lavatory faucets

Programmable thermostat

Low volatile organic compound (low-VOC) paints

HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator or ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator

CRI Carpet Rug Institute certified carpets made from recycled bottles. All CRI certified carpets are confirmed to be an environmentally responsible product.

Quartz Countertops (from Builders Standard Selections) – Quartz countertops are a man-made substitute for natural stones such as granite or marble and help promote preserving natural resources.

Please refer to your community-specific features and finishes handout for more product specifics and to see which locations are applicable.


At DECO Homes, we believe it is important to also consider eco-friendly products and energy efficient options when designing your home. Should you choose to go DECO Green as part of your home’s overall aesthetic, our Decor Studio offers a variety of environmentally friendly options, such as:

Hot Water Recirculating Systems

To help reduce your overall water consumption that contributes to your overall utility bills.

Drain Water Heat Recovery Pipes

Use your waste water to help heat your hot water. This helps reduce the cost of your utility bills.

2-Stage Variable Speed Furnaces

For a more efficient central air system.

Rain Barrels

Why not use Mother Nature as a source of water, rather than your water supply?

Smart Thermostats

Let your thermostat learn your living habits.

Increased Insulating Value of Your Home (R Value)

Help maintain the temperature within your home and reduce your heating and cooling loss.

Triple Pane Windows

To help maintain the temperature in your home

LED Lighting Packages

To help reduce your home’s energy consumption, which contributes to your overall utility bills.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Options

These options have great benefits when relating to the performance within your home.

Recycled Carpet Flooring Options

These options are environmentally conscious.

Eco-Friendly Laminate Flooring Options

These options are environmentally conscious.

For more information, ask our decor specialist about all our environmentally friendly and energy efficient options at your Decor Studio appointment.